Showgirls of Yesterday

Showgirls & Drag Performers of Yesterday

Photos from Vicki Rene’s original “Showgirls of Yesterday.” Browse photos of drag performers and female impersonators from the early days.

As Vicki Rene said, “These are the ladies that have done all the work, laid the ground rules down. These are the ones that were there before us, the ones I will not let be forgotten!”

Some cropping of photos may appear in the thumbnails below. Click any image to open the full size photo in a new window. You may then click your browser’s back arrow to return to the main photo gallery, or use the “Previous” and “Next” navigation links to browse all photos.


Showgirls of Yesterday — 4 Comments

  1. Although not a dresser myself, i do love t/girls,they have everything a man wants. and the ladies on this page look so nice, it started a stirring in my loins.Please ladies keep dressing you all look gorgeous. lots of love Jim. i would love to hear some replies thanks jimxxxx

  2. I’ve been trying so hard to locate Vickie Lynn. he was a very dear friend of mine back in the fifties.I’ll be so grateful if someone can help me. thank you.

  3. Kandi Delight was a beloved performer in both Dallas & Houston, honing her craft in New Orleans in the early days. A true burlesque queen. So nice to see her remembered here.

  4. I notice Gigi (Anne) Lawrence is not listed. He worked at the Club 82 in the early 60′s. I would love to know what became of him. I danced at the Club 82 and in the Jewel Box Revue as a “male” dancer. All of these guys were talented; some of them were as (or even more) talented than household name stars. It has to be remembered they were all pre-hormone shots and danced as well as sang using their own voices.

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