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  1. I am astounded that within the ‘Icons’ section of your site the great Romy Haag is not featured. Considering that in 2013, Romy was awarded the European Union’s Tolerance Award for her relentless efforts regarding the rights not only of transgender individuals, but also human rights as a whole. Romy’s influence on popular culture began in the ’70s via her now legendary nightclub, Chez Romy Haag. Tina Turner, Mick Jagger, Freddy Mercury and famously David Bowie were regulars and were transformed, professionally and personally, by the music, performances and decor that were totally unique to Chez Romy. She has appeared in 25 MAJOR European motion pictures, and her hit television series, Cauldron, ran on German television for 4-years. Indeed, from 1974, Romy became one if the first financially successful trans-entertainers in the world, solely from her own hard work. Her influence on the NYC underground of the ’70s and ’80s can not be underestimated, thanks to the strong cross-current between NYC and Berlin. In 1985, she appeared as the focus of the critically acclaimed video-performance installation ‘Queen Zero’ at MoMa, NYC. In the late ’90s, she won Germany’s coveted ‘Teddy’ award for outstanding achievements in LBGT film and other media. Significantly, she has 17 full length music albums to her credit, and the 1978 international disco hit ‘Superparadise,’ which loudly beckons its audience to ‘come do the sex change with me’ was like a shot heard ’round the world. I can not emphasize enough that this extraordinary woman was financially secure by the age of 23, no easy feat for a young trans woman in the ’70s, and today, though not as internationally known as she once was, she is a national treasure, recognized by an astounding 85% of the German populace. It is my informed opinion that Ms. Haag top the list of the ‘Icons’ section. Not even Christine Jorgensen achieved what Romy has, and few have campaigned as relentlessly, at a time when it was not fashionable, to attain equal rights for the global LGBT community. I realize that this, or any site, can not be as comprehensive as one would like, but to omit the legendary and one-of-a-kind Romy Haag from these pages is utterly astounding to me. Moreoever, the site does not seem to function properly as the CAPTCHA code feature repeatedly fails — and I am not a novice with such codes.

  2. wonderful website even though i’m not trans (have 2 friends that are though) i still love queens. which brings me to my complaint. Why isnt 80’s Drag Diva, DIVINE (Harris Milstead) not featured on here even once? Please fix this. great website besides that though 😀

  3. Hi, I’m living in mexico travesti girl. In 2004 published my ad on the page and I would like him to be returned to publish to look and remember beautiful moments. Thanks

  4. Hello my name is Juliana Ranieri!I live in New York city and i’ll love participate in the Next Miss Continental!How can i do?thank you so much!

  5. im looking for Jasmine Imon Jackson, my drag mother who used to perform in Atlanta, GA but is actually from Chattanooga, TN…if anyone knows where I can find her please let me know…its been almost 20 years and I hope she is still alive….please help me

  6. Hi there,

    My name is Joshua Cavanagh and I am looking for a somewhat older trans from Sydney Australia. Her name over 40 years ago was Monica Silverstone.

    I am looking for her as the son of Russell who lived in the same apartment block as her. I am wondering what happened to her.

    I thought you may have some information.

    Kind Regards
    Joshua Cavanagh

  7. I love the classic showgirls photos. I wish there was more information on them though. I’d love to see some bio’s, where are they nows, and more photos of those wonderful ladies.

    • I think that’s a great idea Doc. 🙂 I will keep that in mind as we continue adding the old content back to the site. It is an enormous task! We do want to continue the site and add to it and I think your suggestion is awesome. Keep checking back. ~ Lori


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