Marisa Allen

Interview with a Superstar – Marisa Allen

Marisa Allen
Male to Female Transsexual
Producer & Director of many large productions throughout Europe
Interview Date: July 30, 2003

VR Who is Marisa Allen?

MA Marisa Allen is an young Lady from Belgium who started here career at the age of 5 years in theater play’s and musicals. She became a 100% lady at the age of 18 years.Now she is producer and director of the award winning show ballet The New Sensations. Respect for humanity is her motto.

VR Where are you living right now?

MA I am living in Belgium for the moment. I was living in Switzerland for 7 years an before that I lived in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, The Netherlands (Holland) and England.

VR Can you tell us about your feelings, as you were growing up, to know you were different from the person in the mirror?

MA I did not feel different as the person in the mirror, I was just the little girl in the famely it struck me only at tha age of 14 that I was different than the other girls, Lucky for me I had my famely to take care of me and help trough the process to become a real lady.

VR Who was your inspiration?

MA Well my best friend at that time (She was like my second mother) was LOVA MUSTANG ( Taky Pekin) a transsexual from Florence, Italy. She is in God hands for the moment. She thought me everythig and I mean everything. Once she told me ( I was 16 at that time) that she would transform me from John Travolta into Olivia Newton John 🙂 And she did it, thank you Darling, I will always love her very much…

VR Who do you admire?

MA All of man kind, I just like peoples and admire the most the artists maybe because I am one myself and belive or not is is not easy, well nothing really is…,and like my mom always say LUCK you have to make it yourself !!!!!!!!!

VR What do you think you have to offer the transgender community, anything at all?

MA Be good, be nice, be feminine…

VR Do you think you have made a difference in the transgender community?

MA In Europe definitely with my productions, I am a role model for alot of transgenders, Thank you girls.

VR Do you think you still have more work to do for the transgender community?

MA Yes I would love to be ambassador in Belgium for the transgenders. And helping other girls with their search to become a real lady.

VR What do you think makes you stand out above others?

MA My God I am not standing above others at all, the only difference is that i had a lot of chances in my live and work as an artist and a person.

VR Do you get nervous when you are asked to speak to a group or perform on stage?

MA I am on stage since I am 5 years old so believe me or not I am a professional but still before entering a stage I have little butterflies in my stomach

VR Would you ever get SRS(reassignment surgery) or when did you have your surgery?

MA I had my corection when I was 18 years young, unfortunately it is not possible before that age because of laws in my country

VR What has been your biggest accomplishment?

MA I had the chance to perform with the biggest Stars of show business (Supremes, Larry Hagman, Weather Girls, Ritchy Famely, among others.)

VR What was your proudest moment?

MA The day I was operated on and my parents came to congratulate their little girl.

VR What really makes you happy?

MA To see other peoples happy.

VR What really makes you upset?

MA All the misery in the world

VR Have you ever had a true love in life?

MA I still have, since 14 years happly married with my darling husband, MARCEL.

VR Are you in love now?

MA YES, and how !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VR As a transgendered person do you think you have receive proper respect you deserve in life?

MA As a transsexual girl I have been very lucky.

VR Do you feel that we as transgendered people are getting what we deserve as human beings from our government?

MA I can not say in The States, but here in Europe allot still needs to be done.

VR Do you think you are nice person or do you think you can be a bitch at times?

MA Like every person in life, I can be a bitch, but I prefer to see myself as an very nice person, I would not hurt somebody

VR Where do you see yourself in the future?

MA Well I love my husband and I really like my job so i hope this will go on for another 20 years 🙂 at least….

VR Do you have a favorite movie and why?

MA In drama: “Why does my baby have to die”, story about a child that dies from an accident and another little girl gets her heart to live again, I saw this movie when I was 14 years and still I think about it, one is dead and anothers live… Comedy: Elvira Mistress of the Dark. She is the best; sexy, funny and a real good personality. Action: The Rock, wow I love this movie, it is so full of action from the beginning until the end ( Between us girls: Sean Connery…!!!) and many more I just love the movies.

VR Who is your favorite fiction character(s), in literature or in the movies, and why?

MA Jesyca Rabit: She is so real I would love to play here in a play and of course Elvira, A real diva. I also love to read mysteries : Agatha Christy and others. Just to make my own plot and to float away in their minds and full of mixed situations.

VR Can you recommend us a motivating or inspirational book. that has changed your perception about the world?

MA Yes, the BIBLE.

VR What words of wisdom would you give a to someone who is reaching out for help?

MA Always believe in yourself, come out for your thoughts, If you want something, get your mind working at it and you can get it ! seize your chances !

VR Do you have a final statement, for our readers?


Note from Vicki Rene: A lot of you that live here in the states may never have had the pleasure of seeing this superstar perform! Here in the states when you go to see a female impersonation show what you see is a one on one type performance, while in the rest of the world what you see most of the time, is a grand productions! That is what Marisa is all about, she is a star of stars. (by the way, if any of you know of anyone that would like to bring one of Marisa productions to the states, she would love to hear from you, remember now this is like a Las Vegas review)

When I said earlier about Marisa being a star or stars, that she is, but she is also a very down to earth nice woman also. When people of her stature decide to take a few minutes out of their busy day and write me just to say hi and tell me “it has been a while since we talked, how you been” it just amazes me. Then you start that same day sending a half dozen emails back and forth and talking like you are both in the same room and you both have been best of friends all your lifes, wow, just shows me how much God has blessed me to have such friends. I must be the luckiest person in the world!

You can also find more information about Marisa on her website

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