Prettiest of the Pretty

The Prettiest of the Pretty photo galleries of drag queens, female impersonators, cross dressers and transsexuals are now online. Browse over 7000 photos of drag queens, female illusionists and trans identified people. These are real people, many of whom are looking for understanding friends.

We are now working to restore e-mail addresses and web sites that were listed in the original profiles. Please bear with us as this is going to take a considerable amount of time and effort.


Prettiest of the Pretty — 4 Comments

  1. In a similar fashion, I too was a fan of Vicki’s site and visited often several years ago and just recently found it again. Truly sorry that she passed away. She was a credit to the transgenered community! Hope you do follow thru and restore the site since I would love to send my own pics.

  2. I remember Vicki Rene’s was the first place I ever put up a photo of myself when I was probably about 19, and I had been visiting it for years prior. Glad to see someone is preserving it!

  3. For several years, used middle, Jubillee. Vicki Rene had included me in her list. In 2012, legally changed my name. I scanned your photos and could not find mine. I am on Facebook with full name. Thank you. Ms. Jasmine Jubillee Gee (California)

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